Mend Your Broken Metal

Mend Your Broken Metal

Get professional welding repair services in Post, Slaton & Lubbock, TX

Your construction equipment and commercial machinery are subject to a lot of wear and tear, which can cause joints or bonds to break. When you need heavy equipment repairs, turn to Polanco's Welding in Post, Slaton & Lubbock, TX. We offer in-shop and on-site welding repairs for all types of metal structures and commercial equipment, like excavators, fences and even car rims.

Speak with our experts today to discuss your heavy equipment repair needs.

Reinforce your equipment

Duct tape can't fix everything, especially when it comes to heavy metal. Call on the experts at Polanco's Welding for your welding repairs, and we will...

  • Cut and remove the failed component.
  • Prepare the new joint for attachment.
  • Create a new clean, strong bond.

No matter the issue, trust us to provide a solid solution. Reach out to us in Post, Slaton & Lubbock, TX today to learn more.